Our Transport Managers organise the loading and unloading of your goods in Belfast, Londonderry, Enniskillen, Ballycastle and in all other cities of Northern Ireland.

The Freight Forwarder LKW WALTER, the European Transport Organisation, organises your road haulage (full truck loads) from all over Northern Ireland to all European countries and back. You enjoy all the benefits you would expect from a road haulage market leader. For example, competitive freight rates due to minimising empty running.
Map of Northern Ireland Map of Northern Ireland

The advantages of LKW WALTER

  • Transport monitoring due to GPS telematics
  • Long-term agreements with all major ferry lines
  • We speak all languages of your business partners

Our top 10 routes in the Northern Irish market

The most popular road transport routes from/to Northern Ireland (import/export) for full truck loads (FTL) are:
Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Algeria, Croatia, Slovenia, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary.
LKW WALTER also organises daily transports to all other European countries!

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Transport Manager in the team meeting Transport Manager in the team meeting

Is there a price list at LKW WALTER ?

Each transport is individual with its own unique requirements (equipment, duration, quantity, loading/unloading window etc.). Transport costs can quickly change depending on market conditions. Therefore, LKW WALTER does not operate with a fixed price list. Our Transport Managers always try to find the solution with the best price/performance ratio for you.
13.6 m curtain sider (trailer and tautliner) 13.6 m curtain sider (trailer and tautliner)

What equipment does LKW WALTER use for transportation?

13.6 m curtain siders (trailer and tautliner) are used as standard. If necessary, and only on certain routes, we can provide other types of trailers (mega trailers, jumbo, semi-trailers, small trucks etc.). In combined transport we also use cranable trailers. Cranable mega trailers (internal height: 3 m) and special trailers with coil troughs are also available.
Combined transport connections in Europe Combined transport connections in Europe

Where does LKW WALTER deliver in combined transport?

The combined transport network of LKW WALTER covers the Benelux states, Germany, France, Greece, Great Britain/Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Austria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Hungary.
Business meeting at LKW WALTER Business meeting at LKW WALTER

How flexibly does LKW WALTER operate?

Communication channels at LKW WALTER are short. All decisions are made quickly and are appropriate to the situation. Key account management, sales management and transport management are all under one roof at LKW WALTER. In addition, we are in daily contact with our customers, drivers and loading/unloading points.

Any other questions?
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

With LKW WALTER also into neighbouring countries

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