Carrying out our services to the highest quality is aprerequisite in order to survive in the transport market in the long term. You, and especially your drivers play an important role in giving our customers a good impression of our company and our quality of service. Well-trained, well-informed and motivated drivers are the foundation for this.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Your safety is very important to us! It is both our goal and that of the European industry that you carry out your work as a commercial driver accident free. We want to help by providing proper safety measures and preventive protection through your "personal protection equipment"! In the following video we have summarised the guidelines for the correct and proper use of "personal protection equipment".
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) play

Safety on site

Before entering industrial premises, familiarise yourself with the safety regulations and strictly comply to them! Many industrial plants have their own information brochures or show a short film.
Safety on site play

Checks before departure

Before departure, please check the condition of your vehicle, the vehicle equipment and your personal protective Equipment.
LKW WALTER places particular emphasis on the good condition of all trailers. play

Load securing

Golden rules of load securing

As the driver you are usually the one who secures the load.

Each load is to be stowed and secured in such a way that even by an emergency stop or sudden manoeuvres the goods will not slide, fall down or roll away.

If you follow the golden rules of load securing you will always be on the safe side. This video clip will teach you, in just 2 minutes, what is important and what to consider when securing loads.

Golden rules of load securing play

Handling of straps

A sufficient number of load securing aids (straps, edge protectors, anti-slip mats), in perfect condition, is a basic prerequisite for effective load securing.

In the following video clip you will learn what to consider when dealing with load securing equipment.

Handling of straps play

Types of load securing

When securing loads, there are different securing methods for every load. In the following video clip you will learn which load securing measures are appropriate and reliable.

If the load securing method cannot be properly determined due to the nature of the load (e.g. packaging, centre of gravity), then please ask for instructions regarding adequate load securing from the loader.

Types of load securing play

Theft prevention

Any specified routes given within a transport or a trucking order must be strictly adhered to! If no route is specified, you are responsible for selecting a safe route.

  • Use the most direct route on main roads.
  • Use, without exception, secure and supervised parking spaces!
  • Never stop at known, dangerous parking areas or rest areas (hot spots).
  • Routes and rest periods must be planned accordingly!
Theft prevention play

Trailer handling

LKW WALTER places particular emphasis on the good condition of all trailers.
Learn in just 2 minutes what points are important and need to be considered when taking delivery of trailers.

Checking the trailer

Checking the trailer play

collecting and returning trailers

collecting and returning trailers play

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