"Our aim is to be one step ahead of our competitors as far as meeting our customer's expectations from a service point of view"

Motto of our company founder
The integrated management system combines the processes, methods and tools that are required to perform the various tasks in the areas of safety, health, environment and quality in one coherent structure.

Within the SHEQ management team there are employees from Transport Partner Management, who deal directly and independently with cross-departmental topics.

Brief overview of milestones

More than 25 years ago, the foundation for today's SHEQ management was laid with the launch of a quality management system.
Certificate ISO 9001:2008 Certificate ISO 9001:2008 SHEQ-Report 2006 SHEQ-Report 2006 Company report 2016 Company report 2016

Initial development of a quality management system

Quality certification in accordance with ISO 9002:1987 

Launch of company environmental management system 

Development of a health and safety management system 

SQAS Assessment (Safety and Quality Assessment) 

Development of a comprehensive transport partner management system, integration of the transport partners into our management systems 

Signed the "European Road Safety Charter" 

Merging of four areas of responsibility (Safety, Health, Environment, Quality) into one integrated management system, named SHEQ management. Appointment of SHEQ management team.

Development of a security management system and integration into SHEQ management (Safety, Security, Health, Environment, Quality)

Joined the "Responsible Care" initiative for sustainable developement, recognised throughout Europe

AEO-F certification (Authorised Economic Operator Customs and Security)

Start of the company-wide initiative "Success through quality"

Intensification of driver training in Combined Transport (FIT) in collaboration with DEKRA with a focus on service, safety, load securing

Implemention of a code of conduct



SHEQ Management tasks

The tasks perfomed by the SHEQ management team at LKW WALTER are both challenging and varied:
  • Organisation and implementation:
    • Bi-annual management meetings with the Board
    • Topic-specific participation in management meetings for traffic and sales offices
    • Monthly round-table discussions by the SHEQ management team
    • Organisation and implementation of specific technical training and workshops
    • Employee coaching
    • Organisation and implementation of internal audits
    • Conducting external audits (by customers and organisations)
    • Recertification of management systems
  • Planning, implementation and controlling of topic-specific projects (e.g. developing security management), involvement of other shared services
  • Help desk in emergency situations
  • Risk management: analysis of incidents, development of preventative measures
  • Providing support for Transport Partner Management
  • Cooperation in international work groups (harmonisation of standards, development and improvement of standards, etc.)
  • Coordination of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities

Statement of the management

Working together with organisations

LKW WALTER is a committed member of many working groups of international organisations with the aim of developing and standardising transport-relevant Health, Safety, Environment and Quality demands across Europe.

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