LKW WALTER...the leading transport organisation for European full truck loads

  • Private Austrian business (100 % family-owned)
  • Established in 1924
  • Since 1986 bearer of the Austrian state emblem - an accolade for extraordinary services to the economy
  • 1,506 employees
  • More than 1,200,000 full truck loads (FTL)/year
  • EUR 15 million nominal capital of the public limited company
  • Turnover for financial year 2014/15: € 1.71 billion
  • First-class credit rating from international credit rating agencies:
    D&B (no 30-040-4043): 5A1
    Creditreform (no 911.0032016): credit index 100
    KSV1870 (no 80386): Rating 163

Company Policy

LKW WALTER - Company Policy
  1. Financing by generated cashflow - no bank loans
  2. Cooperative style of leadership with the greatest possible individual autonomy for our employees
  3. Decentralised Profit-Centre Organisation
  4. Encouragement of a positive team-spirit within the organisation
  5. Satisfied customers and employees are prime company targets
  6. Permanent innovative adaption to industry changes and economic developments
  7. Market leaders through concentrating on the Core Business:
    Full truck loads throughout the whole of Europe in one hand

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